"Overflowing with ideas and a heavy feeling of fantasy to it, it brings a more thought provoking sense to its storytelling... Complex and involving," - Comics Anonymous
"If you like really cool and really dark comics then you are definitely going to want to check out Diskordia" - Ghost Volta

"Diskordia is a delightfully hypnagogic story with some often epic artwork. It’s a real trip (in pretty much all senses of the word)." - Comic Should be Good

"If you like dark fantasy, great art or both, this is a series worth immersing yourself in" - The Comics Herald

 "By turns fantastical, charming, chilling and horrific, DISKORDIA is a multi-layered work that weaves together a host of different plotlines and a variety of genres." - Laptop Zombie

"Alice had it easy," The Pullbox

'If you're a fan of quirky adult series like Image's Saga or Japanese animation then you'll love this" -Impulsive Reactions

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